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The search engine is how to determine the content of correlation

Shanghai Longfeng optimization should know keyword density, why is this? A site inside the more times a keyword, said the site correlation with the key words appear more strong, the higher the frequency correlation is greater, so before the search engine algorithm is not perfect, through the accumulation of keywords can get good rankings.

then the search engine is how to determine the relationship between web sites and web pages?


web content: a few days ago to see "Shanghai Dragon Art", which is an example, say that bananas and oranges are fruit, but their shape is completely different, the search engine how to recognize their shapes? Through a large amount of data, search engine program to round and oranges and bananas often appear at the same time, no, so the search engine that orange is round, but not a banana. This example is used to tell the degree of correlation is appropriate, such as search engines know how air conditioning is household appliances? The same reason.

keyword appears position: the factors I believe we all know, such as the words in the title and the content, the effect is completely different, so in order to improve the relevance, we will use the H tag, using Strong tags, so that search engines that I have associated with a keyword.

The correlation between We all know that

authoritative website: authoritative websites are often the search engine trust, if a link is an authoritative website to a page, that page and the "home appliance", then the search engine according to the link will think this page is about the contents of "home appliances". This is why Links or high quality import links so the reason.


frequency (except frequency words), there are the following aspects: judge

title of a website or web page title, can be said that this website or web page theme, the central idea, if there is a keyword in an article, the search engine will think this page with keywords is certainly very relevant, this is what the website, the title of the page so important reasons.

search engine ranking, according to user search keywords, to arrange the content related to the best quality, presented to the user, and through the analysis of the results, we can know very clearly, the top-ranking website is a very high correlation, so the correlation in the search engine ranking plays a very important role.

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