September 12

nvited to participate in the Shanghai dragon why Master show interview record sharing

WHY Master "Shanghai dragon show" the registration condition

Xu Guoxiang: I now do network promotion in an industrial estate company, in fact there is no specific task, because we just started in the network, a lot of work to do, but as a network promotion, the company will still check our website included quantity and network >

Xu Guoxiang: Hello, good friends.

interview text …

, how to apply why in Shanghai Longfeng Master show

left: let’s not polite, the interview started. What is your brother now? What exactly did

left: haven’t met in a long time, left again for everyone, this is a period of Master us Shanghai dragon WHY columnist Xu Guoxiang brother, brother to say hello.

you may play on Christmas Eve and friends, Xu Guoxiang is writing the quiz in the interview, I found that my this interview dates are very good, the next voice interviews should be on next Monday, new year’s Day holiday period, the Shanghai dragon why there, here really want to thank the good friend Tu Jane’s recommendation, otherwise there is no chance, he is more cherish this opportunity, the first to be interviewed, is to exercise myself, to take this opportunity to know more under the network of friends, thanks for writing a talk show host, left, I actually forgot to write the day, or second days of delay a lot of time, I talk about how to apply for a specific why Master show Shanghai Longfeng interview and the contents of my own Master show interview:

2, others to answer questions and help the accumulation of online fans

WHY Master "Shanghai dragon show" RegistrationPlease send the following information to the

Master face special significance:

A, "Shanghai dragon WHY Master identity;


B, in "Shanghai dragon WHY Master face to face" to open their own special stickers, and post hits reached more than 2000, consult a good user feedback;

QQ800005226 message ? 3, shows an important channel for your experience, knowledge and expertise

Master show the person in charge of Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝 [email protected] Tu Jin mailbox or enterprises apply to participate in the Master show

this is Shanghai dragon why above the official application steps, or someone you can also recommend, because I do not know is recommended, through the formal procedures for the degree of difficulty, but no matter what, want to participate in to try, or how to know what it is not, not sure no chance, try to have a chance.

two, Xu Guoxiang

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