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Love Shanghai SEM operators to promote the necessary data report you know

data source: love Shanghai promotion report

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data analysis operations on the Internet or in the promotion of important? This is a student question, my answer is very important, an Internet market operation and no data support is bullying, not to convert products for the purpose of product promotion and operation are playing on the street!! really! A product on the market! You can be put through the Internet and offline ways! But on how to put the effect or whether to continue running the strategy has been to change strategy driven by data Oh! The following Lu Yongguo met in Shanghai for all sex SEM when the data analysis report template for everyone! I hope useful for everyone!

love Shanghai statistics can be a reference for the love of Shanghai SEM data, but the data are basically the same, only the data source is not the same as the general strike! Love Shanghai statistics include the following: computer, mobile device, program unit specific keywords will number according to the report, these data reports are fully downloaded analysis of the

the above data can be made of what the

second tables: time division regional report

Figure 01

first tables: love Shanghai SEM daily data

online consulting statistics and monitoring major user consultation data conversion, data docking is important to both love Shanghai marketing and other marketing promotion, we can see that the data can be monitored data: data, data, effective dialogue, dialogue guests location data, keywords statistical data, month and day according to statistics etc..

time interval data

general sources where is

the love of Shanghai to promote the data statistics and analysis is very important! Data promotion background data report can be seen directly, but also includes: real-time look at the data, regional division, trend analysis, search terms report, invalid click report, product promotion report, list data of different data report.



data source: Shanghai statistical data

data sources three, online consultation tools of data


data report?

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