September 12

Two years experience of network marketing common misunderstandings


now, too, and the training of network marketing on the Internet is too complicated, many of which are based on hearsay or not based on the theory of practice. I had suffered, leading to their network marketing in many enterprises, quite a few detours, this article to share the more than 2 years, for some understanding of the traditional enterprises to develop Internet marketing, but also talk about novice network marketing of some common mistakes.

yes, a very good SEMER, the hands of the most profitable account. Most put love Shanghai for advertising advertisers do not profit, is the bid member level, or product competitiveness is not strong enough. However, usually there are exceptions, please see the following case.

small business, because the funds, personnel is limited, especially the properties of different products, promotion of the selection process is also different. As the integration of network marketing promotion personnel, when you get to the bottom of its specific methods, and cannot do without "blog marketing, forum marketing, marketing, marketing, micro-blog WeChat, EDM, SEM and SNS, Shanghai dragon". If you ask, they will say very broadly, one is no actual combat.

previously served in a laser cutting machine and laser printer manufacturers, at the same time put love Shanghai Alibaba bidding and bidding. 3 months later, I found from the site over the orders from the Alibaba. The order is far less than. The author in-depth analysis found that Alibaba platform flow is more accurate, but most of them are less in spite of inquiry, bulk purchase of large customers. Love Shanghai bidding flow although large, but more complex, are basically small customers. And the maintenance time and energy to love Shanghai auction account, far greater than the maintenance of a Alibaba for account. Half a year later, the decisive stop love Shanghai bidding and focus on Alibaba. So, in some industries, put love Shanghai for effect is not your imagination of so good.


if the author of the current car sales car lock, originally this product has the region, and more loopholes, its audience is small. And you go to the so-called integrated marketing, The loss outweighs the gain.. At present, the main brand is micro-blog, WeChat more than a customer communication platform, blog marketing in the downhill, other forms of marketing are the limitations of the. In fact, the company, on the number of customers, the most contribution on the Taobao platform, the amount of orders, but also is the love of Shanghai bidding.

error 2: love is a Shanghai auction ATM

error 1: the integration of network marketing is NO.1

is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in various QQ groups, or apply for extension position, the total installed deep love, enterprise promotion, integration of network marketing on the line. I heard here, really want to spit in his face. Do you think each company is millet technology, the integration of network marketing to maximize

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