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How to show the magic for the title of the article


three: Master


is the title of the article, like the words of the site, only eye-catching, consistent with the public taste, then will be to improve the flow of search. The title is the "window", the facade of the selection, decoration directly affect the readers click. Only the title attracted readers, readers will stop in the content of the article. A dry, boring title, even if you have the good, it is difficult to know for the customer. So to your thoughts, your masterpiece and readers share the important content, title is more important. So how to write the title to attract readers to

any market operations are the relationship between supply and demand. What the market demand, then you can gains interests, your stuff has been abandoned by the market that you feel shy, just keep in. Write the title in the same way, you write the title of extended content, readers want to get things, so the natural flow will go up, if the title is on the street for having heard it many times advertising language, nobody thought it was a surprise. Therefore, in order to enhance the flow of the right to hold the reader’s ideas, and even their material content location title.

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: a new in order to be different

the title not only closely to the theme, but also have innovation and creativity. In the information society large, random title is difficult to suck the eye, only to bring people out of the ordinary surprise, the reader is to see the contents of the impulse. But the title of the article must be combined with the contents of the article, only the integration is complete, should not give readers the feeling of deception, so instead of just the opposite.

title is not content, it does not need to have too much rhetoric to be modified. It needs to go straight, let the reader know at a glance what is the article to elaborate. The title too much modification, but let the reader to lose interest in the content. The Title Simple thought-provoking, to explore the content to want to feel, is successful.

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attracted readers, readers hanging appetite, and ultimately enhance the reading flow, this is the title of the magic.

: concise and to the pointThe

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