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How to avoid the Shanghai dragon that something as an unqualified Shanghai dragon er

Shanghai Longfeng long friends should know that love Shanghai officials have made clear its position is to support the nofollow tag, then this link is said transfer weight value of love and the link to the user whether there is value this estimate can only according to the targeted to calculate. If the chain of words I believe can be judged by this method, then here ask l what Lee station links with nofollow how to interpret whether the link of value to the users of

yesterday inadvertently, of course, as everyone knows some reasons, he did not give a clear answer, everyone knows. About his answer most of the situation is not a problem, but a few make me doubt, need to verify the experimental observation.

if you love Shanghai will capture the text link address, then according to the regular judge URL, so I can pass the text of the URL to let love Shanghai. I don’t want to grab some users see pages, and some can not be found in the area above link. According to the user experience perspective, and that their love Shanghai hypertext calculation method will be established, that if the link text for a URL address corresponding to the crawl is very doubtful.


is quite far fetched, the normal domain can not judge hands love Shanghai, the domain registrar does not provide data to love Shanghai’s official this judgment cannot be calculated. The second is based on the principle of search engine sandbox in terms of words, so once cheating will leave a record, then the domain name from the new operations out of this for a long time will take a long time.

for the domain name transfer, we have a judgment mechanism, the normal domain name domain name will be sold as a new look at the domain name, regardless of whether previously had cheating punishment, before the debt.

?3, Love Shanghai webmaster forum which has Lee answer several questions to see

2, we should transfer the weight of the link, the only criterion is: whether this link users or other websites really recommend your website, this recommendation is of value to the users.

1, URL text link address, Shanghai love will find that he is a URL address and the address corresponding to the URL address to grab.

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