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Overall see how clever website advertising mode selection

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then say these kinds of advertising mode, the side pages of advertising the advantages of choice and do not interfere with the browsing, so a lot of text information is the preferred site. The disadvantage is that is the site occupied space, the space occupied by the content of the advertisement is compressed, so people feel no content. The lower right corner of the pop-up ads is good if it basically does not occupy the space, but also relatively independent. The disadvantage is that when people drop a lot of trouble, bring inconvenience to users. Compared with the two dominant advertising, there are invisible links and implantable advertising of the recessive advertising. Contact link benefit is that it directly to other sites, can bring some traffic, but also very obvious shortcomings, will allow the user to enter the website lead directly to the user rather baffling, lose the trust of the website. Implantable advertising in the eyes of ordinary people, is the most suitable way of advertising, in fact, this concept is wrong. The advertising into the content of website content, give >

Shanghai dragon ER web site there are many original, maybe a lot of the original intention is good, but not to the exclusion of all Shanghai dragon ER wants to have a point, that is to make a profit. But for the website, you need to want to make profits through advertising. However, how to release the advertisement is also a knowledge, like a large, or spring festival for advertising by everyone from the general, if the advertising inserts are not clever words, so the user can easily lead to fierce resistance. Small because they have a website advertising and never go to this website, choose another same type of website. So how to choose the site of the charging mode, which There is much fineness in the.

website profit is generally divided into three modes, one is the advertising fees, free web content resources, and through the issuance of advertising fees. The second is to obtain revenue through membership fees, membership fee is. The third is both, both have free membership fees, user. Three site models have advantages and disadvantages, needless to say, today Xiaobian want to say is new Shanghai dragon ER would most likely doubt most needed, is advertising pricing model, how to insert advertising right problem.

advertising pricing model is the most common mode of advertising, most of the sites are basically in this way. This kind of website resources usually do not have much professional value, is not necessary, entertainment website is a very typical. If the website belongs to entertainment advertising professional, did not include a large amount of information, so the charging mode is the best choice. They serve the knowledge level and education level basically no requirement, this kind of website is common content value is not high, the Internet is a SHARE with the spirit of the place, these not too high value, low professional website basically to do information monopoly, it is not possible to do membership fees only through advertising. But even the advertising fee model website, has very many types. For example, the side pages of advertising, for example, the lower right corner of the window, such as invisible links, such as implantable advertising.

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