September 16

The high quality of the site customer experience king forever

do a good website, what is most important? "The flow is king, the chain for emperor" this concept has been washed with time gradually down to the stage of history, finally we are going back to the starting point, the degree of customer experience. Has a good customer experience can always stand at the tip of the internet.

2. page layout should not be too complicated. The theme must be simple and clear, to ensure that users.

we can see through the essence of network marketing this problem, the network is a virtual thing, can not touch touch, it is because of this, it makes a lot of stationmaster ignores the customer experience. Want to learn how to improve the customer experience, very simple, large company social reality is how to do! Just give an example, Hendry glasses chain why success? Hendry bought glasses knows that it is not only a good product, better service attitude and customer service, Fengnianguojie send greeting cards, send text messages. It is a few cents or even a few cents to pay, in exchange for the customer’s favor, it can buy glasses at the next time you seek a hundred times the cost from you. For example, now the telecom business hall, a self-service payment system, self-service inquiry system, users do not have to wait in line, no longer and customer communication is not too long, it can greatly improve the efficiency of saving customers time? Like Taobao search engine, you don’t need to list, and then point the classification, and then point products, you only need to search for what you need on the engine, you can find what you want, the network customer experience successful website was more than Taobao? Almost every large company website customer experience is not to say, this station can not successfully

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some long-term exploration to promote their products and services, how to establish brand promotion and effective. The fact that large-scale advertising may be to let the public know the role, but the real problem is often even if consumers already know is not willing to buy. That is to say, the biggest test of the webmaster face is not how to improve brand awareness, but to improve and enhance the quality of consumer brand experience and customer loyalty effectively, it is essential to establish the brand.


what is the degree of customer experience? What is the customer experience of standard


— Summary of customer experience is the forever king! Owners need to pay attention to what


how to improve the customer experience? The case of

is simple, users want to get information, to understand the product, want to obtain knowledge, to the content of the consultation, we do users want these things, is to respect the user experience! There is a certain degree of user experience. The author thinks that the customer experience is not standard, if we impose a standard, it is able to solve the problems of customers

1. excessive advertising, excessive advertising is always the most users hate things, see Spring Festival evening because the ad is miserable, slobber submerged.

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