September 16

Let the new website how to get ranked in the short term


about that many of my friends do not know how to do, usually hesitate a lot of problems: 1. to send the chain site can be associated with this industry? 2. chain anchor text links good or good? 3. of the chain can be related? Here I want to say is can some friends want to know very much, which is good, then this kind of spirit to spend more time. Here I might have really thought about, the chain of course is all kinds of good, if it is of course to choose anchor text, but do no harm. Do the external interface we seek only three words: universal.

3. station anchor text distribution

2. site structured

most of the sites are a lot of columns, search engine spiders come from left to right and from top to bottom to find new food, more on the more simple sure spider is the most easy to capture, we can’t waste all these places, and certainly not to deliberately go to stack the amount can be.

4. external interface reasonable

I believe we are very clear to search engine spiders love simple code, it is good for spiders crawl. As we walk in life, I hope the way everything is smooth, but in many cases it is difficult to prevent, and search spider is the same, I hope you are simple ways to code, if there are ups and downs related problems, spiders will not as we do to overcome difficulties, but go directly to the don’t you say goodbye.

1. web site code streamlining

anchor text is a good stuff we don’t waste, can not see any one of the words is an anchor text point to the home page, although I do not admit this, but my suggestion is to try to prevent accidental, few could. Of course, in my first blog is often used, including now will use. But these things are not particularly friendly, especially in a website, try not to in each title to add a keyword, the article also nearly little to stack these keywords as anchor text has the best correlation, in an article in the keywords presented only one anchor text to repeatedly you can.

pin is probably a lot about friendship connection friends often do, every day for friendship connection didn’t change, even some friends don’t know what kind of good friendship connection, friendship connection what is not good. The needle is of course PR about friendship connection, included many >

how to make new sites get ranked in the short term? Believe this is every webmaster want things? And only after the site has been ranked, the webmaster can proceed to the next step of operation, let the ranking stability. That in the end how to achieve the objective? A lot of people do a lot of work but the effect is not obvious, the following simple said some experience, hope to have a friend in need to tip.

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