November 29

A knife the secret of micro blog Sohu

with this idea in mind, I decided to go to his Taobao store a look, really don’t know, did not think that the sales of nearly 300, this is really unbelievable, so once again confirms my idea. Since there are so many people to buy, you must have a lot of evaluation, I started a evaluation, one evaluation of my attention: is the use of a relatively high weight of micro-blog. Well, do the long tail word ranking with the weight of high standing, and do not own station, the sale of the baby this is not clear but also play so exaggerated advertising, purely flicker, give a bad review.

as long as the contrast way blue column data can be seen, the Sohu micro-blog of the day included far exceeds the number of other three micro-blog, a staggering 390 thousand. I went to the Sohu micro-blog test below, apply for a micro-blog, it must be said to the optimization of the long tail word fill, I filled 2011 of NOKIA’s latest mobile phone, is that I chose such a long tail word, we don’t think this word so long is not hot, in fact, flow rate can be ignored. Why such a long word will flow, is very simple, I love Shanghai after enter the NOKIA 2011, NOKIA 2011 drop-down box will automatically prompt the latest mobile phone, it clearly tells you this is a hot word, although love index can not find data inside Shanghai. In addition to this word, there are many similar words, you can just go to my steps.

is now micro-blog has been registered successfully, the following is fast if love Shanghai included, since everyone is.

recently you are not always in the Shanghai dragon group in Shanghai ranked advertising see seckill love, I also have a group of super optimization communication, at the beginning I did not care, that is only purely deceptive advertising, but as time goes on, there are so few people send the same advertising in the group every day, and the number has increased, although every time I see will ask him to leave the group. See this ad again last night, I began to pay attention to, if no such thing, why there are still people in a continuous line of this advertisement, so I guess there may be such a thing, but they are exaggerated.


from this evaluation opinion, we can determine the three points: first, can really love Shanghai seckill rankings, the premise is the long tail word; second, the ranking is not seckill station of its own, but a relatively high weight of the micro-blog website; third, the group in an unbroken line ad flicker, suggest that you carefully. Next we start looking for our answers from the three messages, since in the rankings on micro-blog, the now popular popularity of micro-blog so few, it is Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, so the answer must be in the four house on micro-blog. Can do the daily seckill rankings included the number is absolutely staggering, otherwise not included no ranking, here is the basic data of the four micro-blog, as long as you can quickly find the answer.

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