November 29

The common cause of website right down core factors K

2) the content of the website page deliberately accumulation of a large number of key words and the anchor text of the front page and point to the site right down to

: the first station operation led to the

had a friend anxious to call me, my brother said comfortable website how is K? All of the sites included all gone, keyword ranking has dropped to 100 after all, I said don’t worry, you put you recently how to optimize the site operation way, finally know, he often go to modify the site title and description, I said why do you always try to modify the title and description? He said to choose keywords for a while many are not up to do so, put the keywords and replaced, after a period of time for these words the ranking is still not up to do, see keywords competitors choose good position, so the key words for a rival keywords, the final result site is K off, in fact, these are many novice easy Keywords mistakes, if you really want to adjust the title, it will only allow for fine-tuning.

server 1) due to the unstable site right down even by the K

many of the webmaster friends know each other between the web page of the connection can not only promote the collection of pages, the page can also be given to transfer between each other to improve the weights of the page keywords ranking, so many webmaster friends in the update article will always appear very deliberately site to get the ranking of keywords, keywords and every time the anchor text point to the home page, eventually led to the website right down, you know we need to update the article readability, for users of our article is to have value, if we update the article always interferes with the user’s reading, always to rank and do, so that the search engine will not give our website is too large value.


second: the factors causing the site to drop right outside the station was K

I think we all know if the site often isn’t open, then this will directly influence the user experience, and access to the server every day by search engine spiders crawling web content, if the server has been opened up so late > spider

can be said at present most of the core objectives of website optimization is the site keywords ranking will be optimized to go up, reach a website conversion rate. So many times we (especially the new webmaster friends) in the optimization of the site, inadvertently led to the operation of the site right down, but they do not know how to find the factors down right on the site and how to solve the problem of website drop right, so what are the core factors cause the site to drop the right.? next to share the following key factors:

1) regular title and description to modify the site, causing the site down the right and even K


website down right

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