August 30

Try a different title to break traffic surge

1, conventional Title

3, locking the title

digital is that using the title of digital macroscopic generalization and summary, the user can clearly understand the title from the content of several key points. Shanghai dragon Er is often according to self summarizes experience and interpretation, such as: 5 methods for the construction of the chain of practical. This title is more convincing, the digital information itself can fully show the characteristics of chastity. At the same time, users can also in the title and read the contents are compared with previous. read more

August 30

The secret is not a dream of winning the second is still content is king

two, the second road: success included techniques

The paper published The second is

is good, only a limited amount of. The small and medium-sized enterprise website or personal website after all than large integrated portal, has a large editorial team. Even if unremittingly original, can write daily content but also four or five articles (if only to take into account the quality, the yield is high). But four or five a day to search engine, some updated range is too small. Reprint is a beneficial supplement to the original, but reproduced is learned, not a copy of the content. The same as the original, reproduced and the content must be reproduced and site theme related, and is reproduced, as far as possible the faithful do substantial modification. Reprint should also adhere to the quality win, provide high-quality content for users and search engines. At the same time, which has been forwarded numerous articles, should not be reproduced object. read more

August 28

A little love Shanghai Chinese segmentation speculation

can be inferred from the above, love Shanghai encountered a keyword, should be the first word segmentation, but the first test match in Shanghai Sony Ericsson encyclopedia entry and love Shanghai index index Chinese words, not an exact match, then the word, two years ago in Shanghai love to search for the words "Lichuan News Network" that is divided into Lichuan / news / network, since the keyword index, Shanghai will love it as a whole keyword.

The original

of course, love Shanghai segmentation technology will certainly more complicated than I inferred to be more personal, as the love of Shanghai’s products, love Shanghai will not give up their own resources, will refer to love Shanghai Wikipedia entries as part of a word segmentation algorithm, so do the same search Tencent have developed their own Wikipedia soso but, after we do in Shanghai Longfeng, met more long tail keywords cannot be correctly segmented circumstances, can create an entry in the Encyclopedia of love Shanghai, and then in reference to add their own links, it can also solve the love Shanghai related products than our website weight high problem. read more

August 28

Discussion on the relationship between love and the Shanghai dragon sea Box Computing


3. sports information such as the Olympics, world cup, the world’s five largest football tournament, the Asian Games

fell in love with the sea Box Computing platform to some extent is PPC substitute. Once the site, you can participate in the rankings in the box. Participate in cost is relatively low. Based on the Box Computing platform if the field continues to mature to expand, various B2C sites and small sites are among the box would rather spend it on the rankings, many rely on site to do search engine optimization for search results of the technicians of Shanghai Longfeng a space for one person will have great influence. By then, Shanghai Dragon technology may only brush the drop-down box and relevant search search. read more

August 27

How to make simple love Shanghai search to enhance brand image

method is very simple, is to wake up in the morning or before going to work, we enter our company in the whole love Shanghai, I like Harbin input the actual web design, click on the search results, and then search the actual web design, to find the results in a few, then the actual design, similar to click. Then in the search, such as virtual network, virtual technology, repeated taboo, so that you can return to the company, so try again with the computer, try again at noon, the evening before the answer home to try again, try again, well, the morning of the second day will have the results, you can read more

August 27

Novice webmaster how can achieve the standardization of website

code generation.

4, do website map standardized

5, URL tracking code

5, use the search engine management set the preferred domain



1, web page weight, ranking has not risen

3, do website 301 turn, the successful conversion is not standardized.

1, URL

4, page URL encryption and encryption page coexisting

4, the website included not completely obstructed, spiders crawl the page information

standard. The disadvantages, a web site a lot of irregularities. The search engine will give daily trouble. As everyone knows, the front page of the site should be fixed, only one, but many webmaster in the back page links to URL are varied. This approach will allow search engines do not know what to give you any weight. The most serious situation than many of your home sites and search engines, you don’t feel happy, this is the precursor to your site is down right, because you’re in the search engine seems copy. The most obvious disadvantages are: read more

August 12

YAHOO CEO Meijer to YAHOO as the default search engine Safari

That conference quarter revenue YAHOO CEO

Marissa Mayer Mui held on Tuesday, is very interested in making YAHOO a default search engine Safari. According to Mayer, Mac, iPhone and iPad become the default search engine will help YAHOO to get better attention. She said: "Apple default web browser search engine has become the preferred company."

Google signed a search partnership agreement with apple, the agreement will expire on 2015. At present, Google maps and YouTube is not the default iOS application, apple is likely to be the Google Safari browser’s default search engine removed. In November last year, the report said Microsoft and YAHOO to become the default search engine Safari. New York Times quoted analysts predict that Google may lose Safari, but this does not affect the company’s. read more

August 12

The search engine and the Shanghai dragon ER cut and chaotic war and love

"love Shanghai search engine optimization.

at the same time, continued strong growth in the online world, Google love Shanghai was given to Shanghai dragon ER greater development opportunities in space.

is simple in theory, the relationship between the search engine and the Shanghai dragon ER should be "one, all depend on each other," because Shanghai dragon ER constantly on various occasions to strengthen the search engine to search engine brand, brand building has a very important role, just a few years time, Shanghai dragon in the hot Chinese have proved that ER search engine for Shanghai dragon brand reinforcement. read more

August 12

The small and medium sized enterprise website of Shanghai dragon should be people oriented

is now very much the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, registered every day, on the door. There are statistics, now the number of small and medium-sized enterprises have accounted for more than 98% the number of enterprises China. It also includes a lot of low-key unregistered studios, shows the importance of small and medium sized enterprises. The attendant problem is becoming more and more fierce and cruel competition, there are statistics, the small and medium-sized enterprise survival rate is very small, the average life expectancy of not more than 2.9 years. read more

August 12

The use of micro blog rapid access to new traffic flow on the first day of 10000 P

Careful webmaster

I will often use this method in the new group net www.xintuan贵族宝贝 forum, of course, I’m just going to do some decoration, with the real estate related words, "


certification after micro-blog, you only need to pay close attention to daily hot words love Shanghai, then check whether micro-blog search results, if there is, then you can immediately publish an article related to the content of articles to your site, then micro-blog in key words in the topic published an article related to micro-blog and the best with your site now, not surprisingly, the latest 5 minutes, Shanghai will update your love micro-blog, and ranked first in the box. read more