September 16

Let the new website how to get ranked in the short term


about that many of my friends do not know how to do, usually hesitate a lot of problems: 1. to send the chain site can be associated with this industry? 2. chain anchor text links good or good? 3. of the chain can be related? Here I want to say is can some friends want to know very much, which is good, then this kind of spirit to spend more time. Here I might have really thought about, the chain of course is all kinds of good, if it is of course to choose anchor text, but do no harm. Do the external interface we seek only three words: universal. read more

September 16

The high quality of the site customer experience king forever

do a good website, what is most important? "The flow is king, the chain for emperor" this concept has been washed with time gradually down to the stage of history, finally we are going back to the starting point, the degree of customer experience. Has a good customer experience can always stand at the tip of the internet.

2. page layout should not be too complicated. The theme must be simple and clear, to ensure that users.

we can see through the essence of network marketing this problem, the network is a virtual thing, can not touch touch, it is because of this, it makes a lot of stationmaster ignores the customer experience. Want to learn how to improve the customer experience, very simple, large company social reality is how to do! Just give an example, Hendry glasses chain why success? Hendry bought glasses knows that it is not only a good product, better service attitude and customer service, Fengnianguojie send greeting cards, send text messages. It is a few cents or even a few cents to pay, in exchange for the customer’s favor, it can buy glasses at the next time you seek a hundred times the cost from you. For example, now the telecom business hall, a self-service payment system, self-service inquiry system, users do not have to wait in line, no longer and customer communication is not too long, it can greatly improve the efficiency of saving customers time? Like Taobao search engine, you don’t need to list, and then point the classification, and then point products, you only need to search for what you need on the engine, you can find what you want, the network customer experience successful website was more than Taobao? Almost every large company website customer experience is not to say, this station can not successfully read more

September 16

Overall see how clever website advertising mode selection

Now the

then say these kinds of advertising mode, the side pages of advertising the advantages of choice and do not interfere with the browsing, so a lot of text information is the preferred site. The disadvantage is that is the site occupied space, the space occupied by the content of the advertisement is compressed, so people feel no content. The lower right corner of the pop-up ads is good if it basically does not occupy the space, but also relatively independent. The disadvantage is that when people drop a lot of trouble, bring inconvenience to users. Compared with the two dominant advertising, there are invisible links and implantable advertising of the recessive advertising. Contact link benefit is that it directly to other sites, can bring some traffic, but also very obvious shortcomings, will allow the user to enter the website lead directly to the user rather baffling, lose the trust of the website. Implantable advertising in the eyes of ordinary people, is the most suitable way of advertising, in fact, this concept is wrong. The advertising into the content of website content, give > read more

September 16

How to avoid the Shanghai dragon that something as an unqualified Shanghai dragon er

Shanghai Longfeng long friends should know that love Shanghai officials have made clear its position is to support the nofollow tag, then this link is said transfer weight value of love and the link to the user whether there is value this estimate can only according to the targeted to calculate. If the chain of words I believe can be judged by this method, then here ask l what Lee station links with nofollow how to interpret whether the link of value to the users of

yesterday inadvertently, of course, as everyone knows some reasons, he did not give a clear answer, everyone knows. About his answer most of the situation is not a problem, but a few make me doubt, need to verify the experimental observation. read more

September 16

How to show the magic for the title of the article


three: Master


is the title of the article, like the words of the site, only eye-catching, consistent with the public taste, then will be to improve the flow of search. The title is the "window", the facade of the selection, decoration directly affect the readers click. Only the title attracted readers, readers will stop in the content of the article. A dry, boring title, even if you have the good, it is difficult to know for the customer. So to your thoughts, your masterpiece and readers share the important content, title is more important. So how to write the title to attract readers to read more

September 12

Two years experience of network marketing common misunderstandings


now, too, and the training of network marketing on the Internet is too complicated, many of which are based on hearsay or not based on the theory of practice. I had suffered, leading to their network marketing in many enterprises, quite a few detours, this article to share the more than 2 years, for some understanding of the traditional enterprises to develop Internet marketing, but also talk about novice network marketing of some common mistakes.

yes, a very good SEMER, the hands of the most profitable account. Most put love Shanghai for advertising advertisers do not profit, is the bid member level, or product competitiveness is not strong enough. However, usually there are exceptions, please see the following case. read more

September 12

Love Shanghai SEM operators to promote the necessary data report you know

data source: love Shanghai promotion report

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Figure 03 ? Figure 02

Figure 04 two love

data analysis operations on the Internet or in the promotion of important? This is a student question, my answer is very important, an Internet market operation and no data support is bullying, not to convert products for the purpose of product promotion and operation are playing on the street!! really! A product on the market! You can be put through the Internet and offline ways! But on how to put the effect or whether to continue running the strategy has been to change strategy driven by data Oh! The following Lu Yongguo met in Shanghai for all sex SEM when the data analysis report template for everyone! I hope useful for everyone! read more

September 12

nvited to participate in the Shanghai dragon why Master show interview record sharing

WHY Master "Shanghai dragon show" the registration condition

Xu Guoxiang: I now do network promotion in an industrial estate company, in fact there is no specific task, because we just started in the network, a lot of work to do, but as a network promotion, the company will still check our website included quantity and network >

Xu Guoxiang: Hello, good friends.

interview text …

, how to apply why in Shanghai Longfeng Master show

left: let’s not polite, the interview started. What is your brother now? What exactly did read more

September 12

The search engine is how to determine the content of correlation

Shanghai Longfeng optimization should know keyword density, why is this? A site inside the more times a keyword, said the site correlation with the key words appear more strong, the higher the frequency correlation is greater, so before the search engine algorithm is not perfect, through the accumulation of keywords can get good rankings.

then the search engine is how to determine the relationship between web sites and web pages?


web content: a few days ago to see "Shanghai Dragon Art", which is an example, say that bananas and oranges are fruit, but their shape is completely different, the search engine how to recognize their shapes? Through a large amount of data, search engine program to round and oranges and bananas often appear at the same time, no, so the search engine that orange is round, but not a banana. This example is used to tell the degree of correlation is appropriate, such as search engines know how air conditioning is household appliances? The same reason. read more

September 12

User experience driven ranking driven marketing

finally is this website, never cheat users, people in front of them what users want to see, which is mainly manifested in the URL link set. The Shanghai dragon Er always love to do some small smart URL, old love to God pictures plus business links, in order to improve the consultation site, this idea is wrong. This would let users dislike your website, will let users feel is deluded. This website is not the case, the picture link added is the users want to see the page links. The above analysis is just the website user experience do a good part, this site has a pretty long time nobody, but the ranking is fine, this is a good user experience effect. read more