January 12

Complaints raised over excavation of Boerasirie Dam

first_img…flooding looms during high tide, rainfallRecent actions to excavate the Boerasirie Dam in Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) have caused much worry to residents and fishermen who are fearful that their homes will be inundated during the high tide periods.A section of the dam which was excavated several feet lowerSpeaking with Guyana Times on Monday, a Councillor from the area explained that she received calls from numerous persons, relaying the distress that residents were faced with at the hands of unknown persons.This publication understands that some men started excavating the dirt from the dam and have been retailing it to interested persons. The situation is even worse, given the fact that there is no koker to stop water from entering during high tides. She said the dam has been lowered by some six feet, and any high tide in the future will result in mass flooding along Tuschen and Zeelught with the possibility of other areas being affected.“There is a dam before the trench, and someone is excavating the dirt from it and they’re excavating so low. This trench goes straight out into the river and there is nothing to stop the water so when the high tide comes, it will flood the entire De Kinderen and Zeelugt,” said the Councillor.The Councillor posited that fishermen are also severely worried and calls are being made for authorities to put a stop to the excavation since their efforts proved futile.One of the excavators on site“The resident and fishermen is calling for something to be done before they’re affected. Some of the dirt is sold to people and they’re using some to build other areas. Some persons went out and stop them from digging the dam further and explained what will happen if they excavate the dam so low and they still continued. The Tuschen-Uitvlugt NDC (Neighbourhood Democratic Council) is also aware of this,” she explained.Meanwhile, a resident from the area, Mugdridge (only name provided) explained, “If the dam get a breach, it will flood everywhere. If I get flood, who will be responsible? We have the Phagwah and Easter spring tide. If the dam get a breach, it will cause a big problem”.When the tide rises, some fishermen will also suffer since it will not be possible for their boats to be docked along the waterway. The resident noted that this is an extremely dangerous situation being created that will affect thousands of residents living in the area.The Public Infrastructure Ministry had issued a notice to the public, sending advice to take precautions during the impending high tide season, which is expected in the coming weeks.For the past week, predictions indicate that the tides will rise above normal levels and the Sea and River Defence Department estimate that flooding will occur in areas which are susceptible to such situations due to storm surges and overtopping of sea defence structures.Some of the areas include the Pomeroon River banks, Sans Souci to Sarah in Wakenaam Island; Canefield/Amsterdam, Endeavour/Blenheim and Cane Garden in Leguan Island; Windsor Forest to De Willem on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD); and the Parika Market area to Salem and Sparta on the East Bank of Essequibo.Many persons are still recovering from flooding last year, caused by a breach in the sea defence structures at several locations along the West Coast of Demerara. (Rupa Seenaraine)last_img read more