December 21

Humboldt State football knows what’s at stake as it faces winless Simon Fraser

first_imgArcata >> What’s at stake over the next three weeks couldn’t be more clear to the Humboldt State football team.None bigger is the chance to play for a Great Northwest Athletic Conference title in two weeks when Central Washington comes to the Redwood Bowl for what could be a regular-season finale with massive implications attached to it.But before that, there’s still unfinished business to take care of.Over the next two weeks, No. 18 HSU (6-1 overall, 5-1 GNAC) will be playing a pair of …last_img read more

December 12

The Best Royalty Free Music for Training Videos

first_imgMake your training videos more engaging!  We’ve rounded up the very best music for training videos, to drive your projects and captivate your audience.Training videos tend to get a bad rap.  When many people think of training videos they think dull, fact-filled presentations with hilariously bad acting.  Well, times are changing.  Many companies are now focused on making creative training videos that are not only filled with useful, but are actually entertaining and engaging.  Using fresh music is one way that successful training videos are better connecting with today’s media savvy audience.In this post, we’re showcasing the best modern royalty free music to drive your training media.  Each of these tracks is upbeat, positive and timeless.  Don’t date your training videos with cheesy music.  Ensure that it feels relevant and modern today…and into the future!Each of the tracks below is available in a full length, as well as in :15, :30 and :60 second versions, perfect for creating opening musical bumpers or short web-based training videos.  Music for training videos is included with the Standard License – pay once for usage in multiple projects, without any additional fees in the future!last_img read more

November 28

The bonding

first_imgPreksha had grown up to be a rebel, refusing to eat her mother Maya’s homemade buttery parathas or share anything about her life with Maya anymore. But, as Maya eventually realised, Preksha would always remain her little daughter at heart… By Anwesha Bhattacharya’Parathas, again?’ Preksha grimaced as Maya put down the plates in front of Preksha and Suraj. ‘Don’t make such faces. They’re not live toads!’ Maya’s voice betrayed restrained irritation. Suraj’s stifled little chuckle behind his newspaper wasn’t lost on Maya. She would deal with him later. ‘Didn’t I tell you I can have parathas once a month? M-A-X.’ Preksha’s voice had the same exasperation that Maya’s did seconds ago. ‘Eww, look at the way they are dripping with butter.”Preksha,’ Maya’s voice rose three octaves, ‘Don’t talk like that about food. I’ve had enough of this. Do you know people in India don’t get one square?’ ‘Give them my share. And? maybe some of yours too,’ Preksha pushed away her plate, deliberately gazing up and down Maya’s well-padded figure, ‘And if you are not giving me cornflakes – with double skimmed milk – right this moment, I am leaving. I am getting late for college. I have a term test.’Maya and Preksha glared at each other long enough to allow the grandfather clock in the drawing room to chime nine times. Then Preksha pulled her trump card – she started getting up from the table in slow motion.advertisement’SIT,’ Maya bellowed and stormed off towards the kitchen. Preksha grinned triumphantly. She knew much too well Maya would never let her leave the house without having breakfast. Presently, Maya stormed back and put a bowl of cornflakes on the table.Over the next seven minutes, the only sounds were that of spoon against bowl, an occasional slurp and hurried munching. The “almost silence” was broken by Preksha pushing her chair back, which grated against the floor with a screech that made Maya feel sick every time. She could have betted that was the precise reason Preksha repeated it day after day, in spite of Maya screaming at her. Today was one of the days Maya felt too exhausted.Preksha was almost out when Maya’s shock overrode her exhaustion. ‘What on earth are you wearing?’ Maya’s voice was shrill, eyes popping out as they travelled up Preksha’s legs for what seemed to her to be like miles before they finally met the skirt hem. Preksha leaned back against the door, looking at the ceiling with a bored expression on her face, arms folded. ‘You’re going out in that?”Of course not, mom, I just wanted to walk till the door, and then go back and change into your red sequinned salwar, finish the parathas and go to college so that I can have the entire college label me a moti behenji, which you want!’ Maya sat there, at a loss for words. Preksha had spoken so fast she didn’t catch half of what she said.Preksha rolled her eyes at the blank expression on Maya’s face. ‘Never mind. By the way, I will go straight to gym from college.’ Before Maya could find her voice, the door had banged shut behind Preksha. With Preksha gone, Maya’s irritation found an easy target in Suraj. ‘It’s all your fault. You always let her get her way. All you can do is sit there and pretend everything is fine. Don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see how strange Preksha is getting??’ Suraj gulped down the rest of his tea in one swig and got up. ‘Maya,’ he said softly, ‘Don’t worry so much. Preksha is fine. She will grow out of it.”That is all you have to say. Mrs Mehra’s daughter is Preksha’s age. She’s not like this. I’ve never seen her in anything except salwars ever… it’s all my fault. I haven’t been able to bring her up well?,’ Maya’s voice trembled. Suraj whispered in Maya’s ear, ‘I saw Mrs Mehra’s daughter smoking the other day? with two boys, near that coffee place at the corner.’ ‘Really?’ Maya gasped. Suraj nodded gravely and by the time Maya had let this information sink in, Suraj was gone, shutting the door behind him to what was just another morning at the Saxenas.As Maya cleared up, she remembered the time when Preksha would demand parathas with dollops of butter. And now, all she would have would be these cornflakes, chapattis, chicken stew – chicken stew! – the whole of Maya’s extended family swore by her chicken butter masala, and her own daughter would pucker up her face at it? she was getting so thin? she looked so much better when she was a little? chubby. And it was not just food. Preksha had changed so much that Maya often wondered whether she was the same little girl of hers of a few years ago. Maya had always cooked Preksha’s birthday dinner. Year after year, the early hours of 11th December would find Maya in the kitchen, and the entire house would be enveloped in a warm, tantalising aroma throughout the day.advertisementIn the evenings, Maya’s day’s labour would be enthusiastically savoured and gushed over by Preksha’s friends from school – 5, 6, sometimes 10 of them. Preksha would announce, her fair face pink with pride, that her Mummy – she had taken to calling Maya Mom one fine morning when she was 17 – was the best cook in the world. Before her 19th birthday, Preksha had casually announced that she was taking her friends out for pizza on her birthday. ‘It’s too much work for you, mom,’ she had said, ‘don’t bother this time.’Did she really not know how much Maya enjoyed it? Preksha had brought back pizza for Maya and Suraj. Maya would never understand what’s so great about a few scraps of chicken and cheese on bread and why anybody would prefer it to her elaborate spread. But she eventually got used to it, as Preksha took her friends out for pizza every year since then, and sometimes even ordered pizza at home, taking it to her room and eating it for dinner while she studied.Maya always dreamt that Preksha would grow up to be a doctor. She did not believe in pushing her daughter like Mrs Reddy or Mrs Varma did. She had hoped Preksha would want to be a doctor, and in spite of herself, had allowed that hope to solidify into a snug assumption. And Preksha had excitedly discussed her career plans with Maya and Suraj the day her board results came out, when Maya was still giddy from the pride and joy she felt holding the marksheet – 96 percent! Maya was sure her ears were playing tricks when Preksha announced she was going to take up Humanities and later Journalism. This was what she had wanted since she was in the sixth grade, Preksha shared. Suraj, on whom some of Maya’s dream had rubbed off, had recovered amazingly fast.’That’s great, Preksha,’ he had gushed. Maya had skipped dinner that night, feigning a throbbing headache, which, again, was not completely a lie. She had then fallen into a troubled sleep trying to decide what distressed her more, the realisation that what she had assumed was never meant to be in the first place or the fact that Preksha had not only been so sure of her decision, but had not shared it with her till it was time to implement it. Once during the second year of graduate studies, Preksha had come back from college, flung her backpack onto the couch, marched into her room and banged the door shut loud enough for Maya to drop the television remote. When Preksha’s door didn’t open till dinner time, Maya had timidly ventured into her room. She’d found Preksha sobbing into her pillow, still in the clothes she had worn to college. Each of Maya’s questions and pleadings had been met with silence or a muffled “leave me alone”. Preksha hadn’t come out for a week, didn’t go to college, left untouched most of her meals which Maya carried to her room. ‘Be her friend,’ Mrs Varma had suggested over tea at Mrs Reddy’s. ‘Medha tells me everything,’ she had added smugly.advertisement’Mothers are friends, Prekshu, you can tell me anything, you know?,’ Maya had ventured around two weeks after Preksha had gone back to college and was eating her meals with them again. ‘Good try, mom,’ Preksha had cut her short, ‘You can’t suddenly decide to be my friend because you want to know what’s going on in my life.’Maya never tried again. She never found out what had stormed Preksha’s 19-year-old life and where she found the strength, behind the locked door of her messy room, to tame the storm and get on with life. ‘I am glad she can make her own decisions, handle things herself? solve her own problems, Maya,’ Suraj had asserted, ‘you should too.’How could she? Suraj would never understand. It had never been him that Preksha had run to for years to share little secrets, have tears kissed away, bruised knees nursed, ruffled feathers smoothed? Preksha now made Maya feel she was trying desperately to hold on to a dream a moment after waking up, as it slipped elusively away? ‘Let’s all go out for dinner,’ Preksha chirped, bouncing around the room. ‘It’s been ages. I’m so glad my exams are over. I can finally start working?’ It was over chocochip icecream that Preksha told them about Akash. Her best friend Ritwika’s brother. He was a brilliant student, did his engineering from one of the top colleges in the country – Preksha told them proudly – working at one of those few huge companies Maya knew by name.Preksha waited till the table had been cleared away before continuing. ‘Mom, Dad, Akash is going to the States for a project around November end. It would take at least four years? maybe longer. We have decided to get married before that? sometime in October end? so I can go with him?’ Back home, as Suraj playfully teased Preksha and both of them sat together giggling, suddenly buddies, Maya remembered her own marriage with Suraj. She’d met Suraj for the second time the day of their wedding, if sitting with a bowed head among 12 relatives counted as a meeting?The next few months passed in a frenzy of arrangements. And it seemed that even before Maya had stopped to catch her breath, it was the last night before Preksha’s wedding. Preksha had gone to bed early. Maya and Suraj sat on their beds, going over the details for the millionth time. Knock. Knock. ‘Preksha?? The door’s open?’ The door opened noiselessly. Preksha stood at the door in her white and pink floral pyjamas and braided hair, her hand still on the doorknob, looking down at her shuffling bare feet. Maya’s heart gave a leap. She didn’t dare ask what was wrong. Millions of scary thoughts raced across her mind at a blinding speed, freezing all her questions. It was Suraj who spoke.’Preksha, what’s the matter, baby?’ Preksha stood motionless for another moment, before racing forward and flinging herself on the bed over the quilt between Maya and Suraj, and broke out into sobs. A panic-stricken Maya clutched Suraj’s fingers with vehement force. Suraj patted her hand assuredly, and as she waited, numb, he put a hand on Preksha’s shoulders. ‘Preksha, what’s wrong?’ Preksha pushed her face deeper into Maya’s pillow, her sobs louder. ‘Preksha,’ Maya whispered, bracing herself, ‘What is it? Have you had a fight with Akash?’The muffled “no” did nothing to comfort Maya. Her heart was pounding so hard she felt it would burst out of her. Just as she was going to ask again what the matter was, this time more impatiently, Suraj gently touched Maya’s shoulder and signalled for her to be quiet. They just lay there with Preksha between them, sobbing, while Suraj patted her and Maya caressed her hair. After a while, the sobs grew softer, and eventually stopped, and Preksha lay absolutely still with her face still hidden in the pillow.’Tell us what’s wrong, princess,’ Suraj spoke in her ear, still patting her back. Preksha rolled over to lie on her back. Her face was red and blotchy, her eyes puffy. Maya bent over to gently kiss away the tears that were still smeared across her smooth cheeks. ‘I am scared,’ Preksha sniffed. ‘Scared? Of what, baby?”I don’t know? of getting married? going away? leaving you? I can’t live without you two?,’ and her eyes welled up with fresh tears. Relief swept through Maya and spilled over in the form of a torrent of tears. The tears of apprehension, of her own fear of losing Preksha, of already missing her when she wasn’t even gone? gushed out; she clasped Preksha to her bosom. Suraj smiled, sighed and dropped his head on his pillow. ‘You are not going anywhere, baby,’ Maya whispered into her daughter’s hair, choking on her words. ‘You will always remain our little girl. And this will always remain your home. Your room? your things? everything will be there always? waiting for you.”Remember when you were a little girl, Preksha? You used to sneak into our bed every night and hide between us because there would be “monsters” under your bed? “I am scared”, you used to say, remember?’ Suraj asked, his voice growing soft with emotion.Preksha smiled through her tears. And once again, after many, many years, the three of them snuggled close together, with Preksha between them under the cocoon of the warm quilt. And they talked. Preksha listened with rapt attention, as Maya and Suraj took turns reminiscing about the day Preksha was born, a beautiful baby that all the nurses fussed over, and Maya and Suraj spent hours looking at, marvelling at the miracle of creation; the pink frock Granny had sewed for her, the one she used to look like an angel in; her first step clinging Suraj’s thumb; the pop song she had picked up from TV and would sing day in and day out when she was three; her first birthday party, the second and the third…On an impulse, Maya brought down a thick brown velvet-covered album from the top shelf of her cupboard, that had been her companion on many a lonely, endless afternoon. The three of them pored over each photo as if they were looking at them for the first time rather than the millionth. There was Preksha, eyeing the stack of gifts on her third birthday; a four-year-old Preksha sitting beside the family Alsatian looking hilariously intimidated; Preksha punched Suraj as he teased her over a photo where a five-year-old terrified Preksha was clinging to him at a Kanyakumari beach; and eventually, Preksha’s journey through school – prize distributions, cultural programs, sports? the photos showed what all three of them had missed – Preksha growing up bit by bit? funny, Maya and Suraj had always felt she grew up overnight… Each photo had a story to tell, the story of a girl who was doted on and loved to bits, who grew up but managed to remain the little girl whose parents would never believe didn’t need looking after; each photo told the story of change, how certain things grow better with time and the things which don’t change at all.Some of the photographs were a bit frayed at the edges, some tinted with the yellow hue of time, but they still managed to bring back memories that shone like new, and together, they were no less than a saga, of the phase of a life that was to be cherished, reminisced, looked back upon and smiled at throughout life. The impenetrable darkness of the eastern sky was already dissolving into a faint pink as the last leaf of the album was turned. The first ray of the sun peeked in through the cream lace curtains to find Preksha in a peaceful slumber, snuggled cozily between her parents, who were smiling quietly at each other with eyes that lovingly and painfully whispered, ‘Our little girl isn?ft lost?c she is right here…’last_img read more

October 28

18 days ago​Man Utd defender Tuanzebe: International break will help us

first_img​Man Utd defender Tuanzebe: International break will help usby Ansser Sadiq18 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United defender Axel Tuanzebe believes the international break has come at the right time for his side.The youngster was in the team for their 1-0 loss away to Newcastle on Sunday in the Premier League.It is a result that puts United only two points above the relegation places.Now the players go away with their countries, before coming back for a huge league clash against Liverpool at home in two weeks.”Yeah, you can see we shut them out for a long period of time, Tuanzebe told MUTV after the game.”The only way they were able to score was a counter when we weren’t really there. The goal, it is what it is: a 20-yard shot, it wasn’t like they played through us or anything like that.”We go back to the drawing board, the international break [is] now time for us to regroup. We believe in what we’re doing, in time it will come.”Now it’s just that tough phase. Next game we look forward to is Liverpool. [We] definitely want to get a result in that game.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

October 16

Whoopi Goldberg To Host Prostate Cancer Foundation Dinner

first_imgWHERE: The Pierre Hotel 2 East 61st St.New York, NY 10065Find out more here. Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), a nonprofit organization which remains steadfast in its commitment to identify and fund groundbreaking cancer research programs to save the lives of millions, will host its annual New York Dinner at the The Pierre Hotel on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.The dinner will honor the 20th Season the Prostate Cancer Foundation has partnered with Major League Baseball and its team owners for the PCF Homerun Challenge, with Baseball Hall of Fame Managers Joe Torre and Tommy Lasordaand David Cohen of Comcast. The dinner event will be an unforgettable evening, hosted by Whoopi Goldberg and John O’Hurley and will feature special guests and musical performances by Rock Legend John Fogerty, Mezzo-Soprano Isabel Leonard, Baritone Nathan Gunn and singing group Forte from America’s Got Talent. Proceeds from the evening will support groundbreaking discoveries in cancer research.Event Co-Chairs Include: Mark & Debbie Attanasio, Seth & Marie Bernstein, Todd & Katie Boehly, Michael Lehrman, Ambassador Earle & Carol Mack, Dr. Richard Merkin, Mike & Lori Milken, Artie & Selma Rabin, Neal Rodin & Sharon Schutte-Rodin, Joe & Ali Torre, Eustace Wolfington.WHEN: Wednesday, December 2, 2015last_img read more

October 12

Uplifting the poor

first_imgRahul promised justice to the poor and Jaitley criticised the gesture. That is, of course, classic politics with ensuing arguments and counter-arguments being the order of the day. But, what captivates mass interest is the Indian version of the Universal Basic Income (UBI) which Rahul and company have promised to the 20 per cent of poorest families in India. Policymakers, economists, and whoever who can relate to the pros and cons of this Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) or Minimum income guarantee scheme are frenzied over Congress’ novel announcement framed as “final assault on poverty”. While the premise piques curiosity owing to an unprecedented step which has been promised should Congress come to power, the cost, feasibility, scalability, et al, concerns loom large over this ground-breaking idea. Rs 12,000 per month per family to cover nearly 5 crore families and with Jaitley’s courtesy, Team Congress is asserting that Rs 3.6 lakh crore will be the outlay from the exchequer in order to fulfil its crucial electoral promise. One of the many apprehensions is the widening of fiscal deficit which revolves around the inquisitiveness as to where will the money for such a grand scheme come from. The current dispensation has estimated this year’s fiscal deficit at 3.4 per cent. Rough estimations cite that Congress’ NYAY will be three times India’s fiscal deficit and six times its Defence budget. Rahul’s claim that calculations have been done and fiscal repercussions have been analysed to arrive at a conclusion that such a poverty-exclusive scheme is feasible. It means that NYAY would not affect India’s fiscal deficit but the massive outlay, then, must be aptly accommodated to not have any impact on the fiscal deficit. There are only two ways to do that – increase revenues or cut expenditure – and Congress went silent on that, for now. If Congress decides to cut expenditure then which sector would suffer a cut-down and their “expenditure-rationalisation” call requires explicit elaboration. Should the revenue be increased, Congress would require to increase taxes for the top income group in which case we may see inheritance and wealth taxes be implemented. The other way is to strictly provide subsidies to the poor and let the rich pay the market amount. This will neutralise the budget. Also Read – A compounding difficultyHaving accepted Rahul’s assertion that this scheme is feasible, the second apprehension circles around identification of the beneficiary. Poorest 20 per cent sounds ambiguous. Moreover, this bracket is below the controversial poverty line, and hence ignores all those who are above its ambit but still below the poverty line. And, not just those but families that are barely above the line and still fall in need of government for economic support schemes. Income data surveys will be needed and extensive identification process will be required to be undertaken to resolve this and the biggest problem that stands tall like a wall to this identification process is the fact that maximum Indians are involved in the informal sector where the income meanders every day. Peculiarities surround NYAY and only discussions will reveal the actual picture. On the other hand, Congress could have tried employment guarantee scheme again – reinvigorating their previous efforts. Surging new life in MGNREGA could have also answered similar questions that exist under the Modi regime. Unemployment, being a direct issue, would also make it an apt manifesto agenda while tackling the monetary issue with regard to poverty. Also Read – An askew democracy NYAY, a derivative of UBI, does provide financial support but nothing else. This support still leaves the poor without work or informal work with the onus of finding one on the beneficiary alone. An income support scheme in this regard gets eclipsed by an employment guarantee scheme because the latter provides for a job, money while implicitly increasing nation’s workforce or asset (as per economics). There are many questions that remain unanswered as far as NYAY is concerned with uncertainty revolving around exactly what will be the compensation for pulling off this unprecedented scheme for the poor in fiscal terms. The other angle is writing off other schemes which will again be contentious. At this juncture, curiosity hovers whether Congress is serious with its “final assault on poor” or is it just rallying around supposedly utopian methods to pull the voters on its side and register a landslide victory, marking an end to NDA’s era. If the latter turns out to be true then it would not be any better than the previous five years for the poor since NDA or UPA, BJP or Congress, it is the same narrative term after term – the poor remains poor with the rich-poor disparity in wealth widening like an obese person!last_img read more

September 28

Former Ohio State football players Reid Fragel Jake Stoneburner take on NFL

INDIANAPOLIS – The NFL Scouting Combine, a pinnacle of anatomical scrutiny in the world of sports, has already seen two former Ohio State football players endure its challenges. Five additional Buckeyes will face the gauntlet that is the Combine in the days to come. Former OSU right tackle Reid Fragel and former tight end Jake Stoneburner had their respective chances to impress NFL coaches and scouts, as they were put through a series of timed or measured drills along with the rest of the Combine’s offensive lineman, tight ends and specialists Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium. Tests included the 40-yard dash, bench press (225 pounds), vertical jump, broad jump, three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle run. Fragel posted a 5.14-second run in the 40-yard dash, a 7.62 run in the three-cone drill and a 4.68 shuttle run, according to Fragel’s 33 repetitions on the bench press was sixth best in his position group. Fragel, the tight end-turned-offensive lineman with a year of experience at right tackle, posted the fourth-best broad jump in his position group at 9-foot-5, as well as a 30-inch vertical jump, according to Stoneburner, who was a tight end invitee to the Combine despite switching to wide receiver for his senior campaign at OSU, showed his speed in the 40-yard dash when he clocked in with a time of 4.65 seconds, according to Stoneburner’s 4.27-second 20-yard shuttle run time was the best time posted in his position group, as was his 11.5-second 60-yard shuttle run. The Dublin, Ohio, native also impressed with a 9-foot-8 broad jump – the fifth best mark in his position group. The tight end, who caught 13 touchdowns and 53 passes in his OSU career, had a 34.5-inch vertical jump (fourth best among tight ends), a 116-inch broad jump and a 7.12-second three-cone drill, according to Neither player was made available to the media following their workout. Next up for the troupe of former Buckeyes is Zach Boren, a fullback-turned-linebacker invited to the Combine as a fullback  (Boren had 12 rushing attempts for 40 yards and two touchdowns during OSU’s 2012 season). The remaining four Buckeyes at the Combine, including former defensive lineman and team captain John Simon, defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins, linebacker Etienne Sabino and defensive end Nathan Williams, are scheduled to take the field for their tests on Monday. Combine activities conclude on Tuesday when defensive backs hit the turf. Sunday’s Combine activities begin at 9 a.m. read more

September 28

TBDPITL Ep 21 Ohio State Signing Day

Wyatt Crosher and Colin Gay discuss Signing Day and the players from Ohio State they got to talk to on Wednesday. They also look at men’s basketball’s win against Penn State and what it means moving forward. NOTE: We recorded this before Justin Fields officially was cleared to play with the Buckeyes for 2019