September 21

Kyoceras new inkjet printhead can print 152 meters per minute

first_imgSpeed used to be a major concern when buying an inkjet printer for the home. Nowadays it seems to be feature set and price that take precedence, with people preferring a cheap multifunction machine if they can get it. But in the commercial printing sector speed is still very important, and Kyocera has just announced what is believed to be the world’s fastest inkjet printhead.Consumer-grade inkjet printers achieve somewhere in the region of 12-16 pages per minute of A4. That works out to around 4.7 meters per minute of printing at best. It drops to around 3.5 meters for color. Kyocera’s new 300dpi printhead is capable of printing 152 meters per minute (2.5m/s), and it’s a two-color printhead, too. That’s well over 32x as fast as a consumer-grade printer, and roughly translates to the equivalent of 512 A4 pages every minute.The effective print width of the new printhead is 112mm, but in commercial printing you use multiple heads together to speed up the print process and deal with wider print areas. Because Kyocera’s printhead is two-color, it not only speeds up printing, it also means you need less of them to do the same job. Therefore, saving on cost as well.Kyocera believes the new printhead is ideal for the growing need of on-demand printing, which requires shorter production and delivery times. And with the print process being faster than ever, coupled with less expenditure on fewer printheads, it’s bound to be popular with printing companies.The Japanese company intends to have samples of the new printhead available before the end of the year, meaning commercial printing facilities will likely switch to using them in early 2013 if they function as well as advertised.Read more at Kyoceralast_img read more