May 12

Towards the coaching relationship

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Inthis second article in the five-part Masterclass series by Ashridge Consultingon achieving best practice in coaching, Charlotte Sills gives a detailedbreakdown of the coaching relationshipThe single factor most vital to successful outcomes in executive coaching isthe quality of the relationship between coach and client. In her article in this series last month (Training Magazine, January), InaSmith stressed that executive coaching is quite different from ‘trainingcoaching’, which focuses on the development of skills or knowledge. What, then, can the executive coach offer? What can a client reasonablyexpect of his or her coach, and what skills or knowledge should the coach havein order to secure the best possible outcome for their client? Smith’s articlehas already identified many of these. However, even the coach with the best‘kitbag’ of skills, knowledge and business experience will not procure the bestoutcome for their client unless they are able to establish and build a goodrelationship. Consultancy coaching has many features in common with counselling andpsychotherapy. It is the intentional use of a relationship that aims to developthe entire person of the client in relation to his/her professional life. Thepersonal and professional areas of a person’s life cannot be kept separate. Theclient brings his/her personal self to the professional role and it is thisarea of overlap that is usually the focus of a coaching intervention. Because of the features coaching shares with counselling and psychotherapy,consultancy coaches can learn important lessons from some of the research intosuccessful psychotherapy outcomes. This research has identified the ‘commonfactors’ that contribute to positive change, and studied their relativeimportance. In numerous studies over the last 30 years, it has been confirmed again andagain that the largest contribution within the therapy room to client outcomewas the existence of a positive therapeutic relationship. Summarising much ofthis research, Assay and Lambert, in 1999, identified the following relativeimportance of key factors affecting client outcome: – client factors – 40 per cent: such as openness, optimism, motivation, astrong friendship and family network or membership in a religious community – expectancy/placebo factors – 15 per cent: the instillation of hope broughtabout by the engagement – model and technique factors – 15 per cent: gains arising from the use ofparticular theories, models or techniques – relationship factors – 30 per cent: the client perceives the practitionerto be offering empathy, respect and genuineness, and there is a sharedunderstanding of the nature of the work If we transpose these findings to the consultancy coaching context, themessage is clear: the establishment of a meaningful relationship betweenpractitioner and client is vitally important – and far more important than theapplication or teaching of theories and models. The implication for coaches is that they may need to resist the urge toimpart knowledge or theories in favour of developing a good relationship.Frequently the coaching client, eager to advance, will be very keen to learnnew models or formulae, but this should not be the initial priority for theconsultancy coach. Coaching contract What, then, will ensure the creation of a good relationship? Research suchas the 1994 studies by Bordin state that positive outcomes rely uponrelationships that involve mutuality of goals, tasks and bonds. In the coaching context, coach and client must have: – a clear, shared agreement about the goal of their work – the direction andthe desired outcome – a clear understanding about how the coaching work will happen and whatwill be the role or tasks of each party – bonds of mutual respect and empathy. A relationship in which the clientexperiences him or herself to be understood and warmly accepted even after theyhas shown their vulnerabilities. All these three elements are held within the coaching contract, whichprovides a container for the work and represents both its scope and also itsboundaries. Core elements The effective coaching relationship needs to: Provide the opportunity for understanding. It is important that whatevertheories are used to understand a situation, they should make good sense to theclient. In fact, they are more effective if they are generated by the client.Therefore, the coach needs to be flexible and responsive in the first instanceto the client’s assessment of the problem rather than their own. It may also be relevant to share with the client, as mentioned above, that40 per cent of successful outcome is due to client factors. It is oftenimportant to enquire into the client’s support network, where they getprofessional and personal support, what else they have in their life thatsupports them (family, hobby, or religion). If this area of the client’s lifeis impoverished, he/she should be encouraged to develop it. Build on existing strengths. Unlike counselling, coaching does not set outto heal psychological or emotional difficulties, nor bring about majorcharacterological change. Naturally, these may happen as a by-product of thecoaching engagement, but they are not the goal and do not form part of thecontract. What coaching will do is help the client to know him or herselfbetter and identify their existing and potential strengths. Building on whatthey can already do will both maximise Lambert’s ’15 per cent hope’ factor andalso help to open the door to the development of new skills. Develop skills and encourage experimentation. Another of the ‘commonfactors’ is the opportunity to identify relevant skills – to polish up existingskills or practice new ones while having the chance to get accurate feedback.The relationship should foster an atmosphere of experimentation and discoveryrather than ‘finding the right answer’. Then the client can review and reflectupon the results of their experiments and use them to challenge beliefs theymay have about themselves, others or the organisation. Facilitate the sense of achievement. Clients need a sense of agency orachievement and self-responsibility. It is important the client be able toarticulate what they have done or are doing differently in order to increasethe feeling of mastery and self-efficacy. Coaching is less effective if theclient perceives him or herself to be dependent on the coach’s expertise. Prevent ‘relapse’ . Where the identified goal of coaching is a change in theclient’s behaviour, it is extremely unlikely the client will not at some timelapse into old ways of behaving. It is important they don’t see such lapses assetbacks but believe that they provide the opportunity to check and see whetherthere was something useful in the old behaviour. To prevent serious lapses, itis always useful to invite the client to predict them, discuss what triggersthe old behaviour and, subsequently, develop strategies for respondingdifferently. Sources– Ashridge Consulting’s Coaching for Consultants programme willinclude a module that explores what skills and attitudes are needed by thecoach in order to establish the kind of relationship that will provide thosecore facilitative elements. Enquiries about this programme should be made toTracey Field, 01442 841106, [email protected]– TP Assay & MJ Lambert (1999) The empirical case for thecommon factors in therapy: quantitive findings– MA Hubble, BL Duncan and SD Miller (eds) The Heart and Soulof Change: What Works in Therapy, (pp33-56), Washington DC, APA Press– ES Bordin (1994) Theory and research on the therapeuticworking alliance– Horvath and S Greenberg (eds) The Working Alliance: Researchand Practice, New York, Wiley– AN Schore (2000) Minds in the Making, Seventh Annual, JohnBowlby Memorial Lecture (CAPP), LondonUnderstanding the contractIt is important to recognise thereare significant differences between the contract in counselling/therapy and thecontract in coaching.Normally, the goal of coaching is defined in terms of theclient’s professional life rather than their personal life. As a result, thecoaching contract might well include levels of complexity that are not presentin the therapeutic engagement.Private agreementSometimes a coach will have the luxury of a private agreementbetween him or herself and the client, but more frequently the consultancycoach is subject to multiple levels of contact and commitment to other parts ofthe organisation. Usually the fee is paid by the organisation, which may haveits own agenda for the client, or the coaching may be part of a widerconsulting initiative, which may create possible confusion or conflict ofinterest. Conflicts abound arising from confidentiality issues, financialloyalty (who is paying?) and ‘best interests’ allegiances. These areas needcareful and explicit contracts involving clarification of goals and tasks if anatmosphere of trust is to be created.Empathic relationshipAs identified on page 32, the third of Bordin’s elements – theempathic relationship – cannot be established by contracts alone. It is builtby the quality of the contact between coach and client, and I believe it to bethe heart and foundation stone of all the work that takes place. Indeed,without it, the client cannot feel safe enough to take the risks of selfdisclosure either to the coach or to themselves.Human beings are programmed from birth to seek attachment andrelationship. We become who we are by being shaped by our relationships withthe world and the people around us. Neuroscientific research has found that ininfancy, the empathic loving bond between a responsive parent and the baby isactually essential in developing the neural networks that regulate the youngchild’s sense of itself, its feelings, and its capacity to think and makedecisions.In 2000, Schore presented exciting evidence to suggest thateven in adulthood, an empathic accepting ‘right brain – right brain’ connectionwith someone we trust, can provide the possibility for the development of newneural pathways, of new ways of feeling and being.All this would tend to confirm what many people believe – if weare in a relationship in which our thoughts and feelings are heard and acceptedin an empathic way by another person, we learn to hear and accept ourselves.This is essential if the client is to use coaching to raiseawareness of them-selves and their working patterns, rather than put energyinto either denial or paralysing self-criticism. They need to acknowledge whatthey know and what they don’t. They need to be available to hear feedback,examine their working patterns and experiment with new ideas.Empathy means allowing someone to feel met, truly understoodand seen. Within a solid working alliance, empathy can include, when the timeis right, the difficult confrontation or demanding challenge. However, it ischaracterised at heart by a real relationship of acceptance and resonance thatinvites the client to step into the area of ‘bounded instability’ from whichreal creativity and change can emergeIn summary, the client needs to feel safe enough and valuedenough to be able to use the other core ‘common factors’ of the successfultherapeutic relationship, all of which are highly relevant to the coachingrelationship. Towards the coaching relationshipOn 1 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. last_img read more

January 18

Motown the Musical Sets Broadway Closing Date

first_img Related Shows The Broadway production currently stars Josh Tower as Berry Gordy, Krystal Joy Brown as Diana Ross, former video blogger Charl Brown as Smokey Robinson and Bryan Terrell Clark as Marvin Gaye. Motown The Musical A U.K. production is planned for the summer of 2015. View Commentscenter_img Directed by Charles Randolph-Wright and featuring a book by Motown founder Berry Gordy, Motown The Musical’s score includes over 50 beloved hits from the Motown catalogue. The show tells the story of Gordy’s rise from small-town dreamer to big-time record mogul. Along the way, he discovers a slew of musical talent including Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson and the legendary Diana Ross, with whom he sparks a romance. What’s going on? Broadway’s Motown the Musical will close on January 18, 2015. The tuner, which opened at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre on April 14, 2013, plans to return to the Great White Way at a Nederlander theater to be announced in July 2016. Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 18, 2015last_img read more

January 18

‘S Wonderful! An American in Paris Will Go on National Tour

first_img View Comments C’est Magnifique! An American in Paris will dance its way on a U.S. national tour for the 2016-17 season. Based on the Oscar-winning film, the musical of hope, redemption and romance will announce further details about the production soon.Directed and choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, the tuner tells the tale of a young American soldier, a beautiful French girl and an indomitable European city, each yearning for a new beginning in the aftermath of war.An American in Paris features music by George and Ira Gershwin with a book by Craig Lucas. The show includes the songs “I Got Rhythm,” “‘S Wonderful,” “But Not For Me,” “Stairway to Paradise,” “Our Love Is Here To Stay,” “They Can’t Take That Away” and orchestral music including “Concerto in F,” “2nd Prelude,” “2nd Rhapsody” and “An American In Paris.” The score has been adapted, arranged and supervised by Rob Fisher.The Broadway production officially opened at the Palace Theatre on April 12 and stars Robert Fairchild, Leanne Cope, Veanne Cox, Jill Paice, Brandon Uranowitz and Max Von Essen. An American in Paris Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 9, 2016 Related Showslast_img read more

January 17


first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity ofGeorgiaTre’ Ross, Bodhi Roberts and Noe Recendiz took the stage in front of several hundred University of Georgia faculty and staff. The middle school boys stared at their feet and glanced occasionally at the crowd before presenting their boldly colored painting, centered on the word “Involved,” to a group of UGA deans.Three years ago, they wouldn’t have had this opportunity. Three years ago, they were constantly getting into trouble, and BOYS (Building Our Youth’s Skills) didn’t exist.BOYS is a program designed specifically for struggling middle school boys, said Mary White, a UGA Cooperative Extension agent. Its aim is to make sure these boys are promoted to the next grade level on time and that they develop social, behavioral and independent living skills.”It’s very gratifying,” said Booker T. Hobbs, who leads the Candler County, Ga., BOYS program, along with Ken Dekle. “You see it in their eyes that you’re making a difference in their lives. It’s very satisfying.”Off the stage, Ross, Roberts and Recendiz opened up to questioning slowly. Recendiz, a sixth-grader, said his favorite thing about the BOYS program was “meeting new people — actually, everything about BOYS.”Ross, also a sixth-grader, loves the trips. Roberts, a seventh-grader, enjoys playing sports.Before they were introduced to the BOYS program, many of the students had never traveled outside Candler County. Now they’ve gone to Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, Ga., a UGA basketball game, a Georgia Southern University football game, a Savannah Sand Gnats baseball game and an ice-skating rink.”We got to see the locker room at Sanford Stadium,” Ross said. “It’s nice.”It’s not all fun and trips. “We’re busy after school,” he said. “Mr. Booker stays on us about our homework.”The project started in Candler County in May 2003, when White received a $250,000 Children, Youth and Families-at-Risk grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service. The grant continues through 2008.The program began with 34 fourth- and fifth-grade boys and now has 45 fifth- through seventh-graders.”Working closely with this group has given me a tough look at the challenges many young people have in their lives,” White said. “It’s going to take that whole village to help many of our kids succeed, and sometimes I’m not sure the ‘village’ cares enough.””The fourth- through seventh-grade kids are in limbo,” said Sharon Gibson, CYFAR coordinator for the UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences. “They’re not little babies and not teens. They were falling through the cracks. If we didn’t grab hold of them while they were in middle school, we would lose them. Realizing this, we said, ‘we’ve got to do something.'”For some of these boys, the program is the first place they’ve had someone use the word college in a sentence connected to them, Gibson said. “When we hear ‘when I graduate from high school, this is what I want to do,’ we’re a success.”For a boy to be enrolled, families have to agree to be involved.”These parents are coming out to the family-night activities,” Gibson said. “They’re sharing food together, creating an art project together. All these pieces come together and encourage young males to stay in school.”The community, Gibson said, identified the need for the BOYS program. Then they started a separate program, GIRLS (Gaining Important Real-Life Skills).”We’re developing whole males and whole females,” Gibson said. “They’re expected to perform. These expectations are not out of reach. The final success is graduating from high school, not becoming fathers or mothers in their teens, giving them the opportunity to go on to college.”last_img read more

November 20

Lewis Hamilton matches Michael Schumacher as seven-time F1 champion

first_img– Advertisement – Lewis Hamilton is F1’s second seven-time champion in history after clinching 2020 crown with three races to spare with epic Turkish GP victory; Hamilton, who claimed his 94th win, is now statistically the sport’s most successful driver By Matt MorlidgeLast Updated: 15/11/20 12:23pm “Woohoo!” said an emotional Hamilton on team radio. “Thank you so much guys.- Advertisement – Hamilton is now statistically the most successful driver in F1 history, having broken Schumacher’s tally of 91 wins earlier this season.Hamilton only needed to avoid being outscored by eight points by Valtteri Bottas on Sunday at Istanbul Park – and took an incredible come-from-behind victory, his 94th, to seal the title in style in wet conditions. Lewis Hamilton7 Most podiums 163 – Advertisement – Alain Prost4 While Hamilton has yet to sign on for 2021, with his Mercedes contract expiring next month, he is expected to renew and looks well placed to build on his record-equalling title.Mercedes have been 2020’s dominant team and have sealed clean sweeps of F1’s championships in seven consecutive years – an unprecedented run of success in the sport. Lewis Hamilton passes Sergio Perez into Turn 12 to take the lead at the Turkish GP Bottas was never in contention in Turkey and finished down in 14th.The 2020 crown is Hamilton’s fourth in a row and sixth since joining Mercedes nearly eight years ago. He won his first title with McLaren in 2008.Hamilton matches Schumacher… and will he add more titles?Hamilton is at the same stage of his career as Schumacher was – 35 years old and in his 14th season of F1 – when the German, who was also the first driver to reach six titles, became a seven-time champion at the 2004 Belgian GP.Schumacher raced for five more seasons in F1, with Ferrari and then a three-year return with Mercedes before he was replaced, ironically, by Hamilton, but failed to add any more championships. Most F1 Drivers’ Championships 0:52 Lewis Hamilton passes Sergio Perez into Turn 12 to take the lead at the Turkish GP The key F1 records Hamilton now holds Michael Schumacher7 Most wins94 Sebastian Vettel4 Most points 3728 “That’s for all the kids out there that dream the impossible. You can do it too, I believe in you guys.”He added after the race: “We dreamed of this when we were young, watching the Grand Prix, and this is way, way beyond our dreams.” Juan-Manuel Fangio5 Lewis Hamilton has matched Michael Schumacher’s record of seven Formula 1 titles after clinching the 2020 Drivers’ Championship at the Turkish GP.- Advertisement – Most poles97 *shared with Schumacher

September 19

Australia’s Starc takes hat-trick in Sheffield Shield

first_imgSYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia paceman Mitchell Starc fired an ominous warning to England ahead of the Ashes series with a hat-trick for New South Wales on the second day of a Sheffield Shield match on Monday.The quick, who will spearhead Australia’s attack when the series begins later this month, claimed the wickets of Jason Behrendorff, David Moody and Simon Mackin in successive deliveries to end Western Australia’s first innings.Behrendorff and Mackin were bowled by trademark Starc yorkers in the four-day match at Hurstville Oval while Moody was adjudged lbw trying to defend another.The left-armer finished with figures of 4-65, while Josh Hazlewood, who is likely to open the bowling with Starc against England, did the damage at the top of the Western Australian order with 3-24.“They are taking the Mickey out of me for cleaning up the tail again, but someone’s got to do it. So it was good fun,” Starc said after his hat-trick.”I am pretty sure they all know where it is going and they all keep missing it so I will keep bowling it for now.“I was pretty happy with my rhythm yesterday and today.”Australia’s third frontline quick Pat Cummins took 2-31, while Test off-spinner Nathan Lyon claimed a single wicket at the cost of 39 runs.Shaun Marsh (2), Mitchell Marsh (0) and Hilton Cartwright (0), who are all hoping to fill the vacant number six spot in the Australian batting line-up, did themselves no favours as Western Australia fell for 176 in reply to the hosts’ 270.Australia captain Steve Smith showed he was in good form with the bat ahead of the Ashes by adding an unbeaten 74 to the 76 he scored in the NSW’s first innings as he led the team to 166 for two by stumps on day three.The Ashes begin at the Gabba in Brisbane on Nov. 23 and Australia’s squad for the series is expected to be announced after this round of Sheffield Shield matches in completed.last_img read more

September 17

Badger teammates throw down

first_imgBy Jordan SchellingAlthough they participate in events that are quite dissimilar, the throwers and runners on the Wisconsin track and field team have a great relationship with one another. As throwers on the Wisconsin women’s track team, Amanda Hoeppner and Kayla Schultz do more than just participate in their events — they participate in good-natured ribbing of their more mobile counterparts.”It is mainly a joking relationship, but it is also one of great respect because we can’t do what they can do and they can’t do what we can do,” Hoeppner said.Even with their close relationship, there of course are some distinct differences between the two groups.”They run — a lot,” Schultz said jokingly.However, once a meet begins and Hoeppner and Schultz step into the ring, the two cease to be jokesters and become two of the best throwers in the Big Ten Conference.Amanda Hoeppner, a sophomore from Lake Mills, is an art education major and she has a younger sister, Jaimi, who soon too may become a thrower for the Badgers. Kayla Schultz is a junior from Clinton, majoring in social work.As a senior in high school, Schultz was state champion in shot put and discus after being runner-up in both as a junior.In last year’s Big Ten Outdoor Championships, Hoeppner and Schultz both finished in the top ten in the discus and the top 15 in the shot put. Moreover, Schultz won the shot put at the Badger Classic in 2005 and 2006 and finished second in this year’s event.Perhaps most impressive has been Amanda’s performance this season in the weight throw. She has improved her personal best twice with throws of 56-0 and 56-2. At 56-2, Hoeppner holds the second-best throw in Badger women’s history behind Cortney Bauer’s record of 57-2 3/4.It appears to be only a matter of time before she breaks Bauer’s record since she has thrown for over 60 feet in an intrasquad meet.While an obvious goal for both would be to reach the NCAA Championships, Hoeppner and Schultz insist their main goal is a much smaller one. That is, to perform well in both the indoor and outdoor Big Ten Championships.”[My goal is] to score in the Big Tens,” Hoeppner said. “I’ve always wanted to do that, and I haven’t yet.”The Big Ten meet this weekend is a very important one for both athletes and for the team as a whole.”I’m very excited,” Schultz said. “It should be fun.”Furthermore, coach Will Wabaunsee was very clear about the goal for this weekend.”The goal on the weekend is to be in the top four,” Wabaunsee said. “If they do their part, we can score more points than we ever have before.”Regardless of the results this weekend, Coach Wabaunsee holds high expectations for Schultz.”I think Kayla is going to be a national qualifier this year outdoors and top four in the Big Ten indoors,” Wabaunsee said.Although it will have to wait until March, April and May, Coach Wabaunsee also commented that Schultz’s discus is going “like gangbusters” right now.While many people may see throwing events as very easy and simple, it is a lot more difficult than it appears.”It’s actually really technical and really hard to do,” Schultz said. “It takes about three seconds, but there is a lot in that three seconds.”With something so technical, it certainly is important to have a good coach to help make sure you are doing everything right. As far as the Wisconsin track coaches are concerned, they have done a great job in helping athletes like Hoeppner and Schultz develop their skills.”They’re awesome and they put a lot of time and energy into coaching us,” Hoeppner said in regard to the coaches.Coaching them to be throwers, of course — not sprinters — though Hoeppner jokes that she and Schultz could have a career in the running business.”We’re just like the sprinters, and we’re just like the long-distance people,” Hoeppner said. “We just look different, I think.”last_img read more

August 29

Donkomi: Medeama walk away from Yacouba deal?

first_imgAccording to reports, Medeama Sporting Club have decided to walk away from their pursuit of Burkinabe forward, Sogne Yacouba.The club had been speaking to the player this week over the prospect of coming to an agreement.Yacouba is a free agent and had been the subject of interest from clubs in and outside Ghana and Medeama managed to get itself into a good position to bag the player.However, some reports say that Medeama are no longer interested in the deal because of some demands coming from the player’s representatives.According to Kickgh, Yacouba’s camp wants to commit to a three-month deal after which the player will head to Asia. In addition, the player is said to be asking for USD 100, 000 a year from the club.This appears to have thrown discussions out of gear and it could mean the end of all talk between the player’s camp and Medeama.last_img read more

August 14

Saints vs. Colts odds, prediction, betting trends for ‘Monday Night Football’

first_imgStat that mattersThe Saints are only 3-2 in home games with Brees this season but he’s been off the charts good in the Superdome as usual. In those 5 games, he’s completed nearly 75 percent of his passes, thrown for 13 TDs to only 3 INTs at 8.0 yards per attempt, 338 yards per game and a 112.6 passer rating.Saints vs. Colts predictionThe Saints’ offense will make some big plays but it will be stalled a few times because of the bend-but-don’t-break nature of the Colts’ defense, which is still playing hard despite a few key injuries. That means a lot of red zone opportunities and moving the ball well but field goals to match the touchdowns. The Colts will work to run effectively to help Brissett keep in the game, but ultimately, they don’t score quite enough in another one-possession loss.Saints 30, Colts 23 New Orleans has at times dominated teams with defense and special teams, other times rolling offensively with quarterback Drew Brees. Indianapolis has struggled to find an identity around quarterback Jacoby Brissett. The Saints and Colts both like slowing down games with efficient scoring and good running games.Here’s everything to know about betting on Saints vs. Colts in Week 15, including updated odds, trends and our expert’s prediction for “Monday Night Football.”MORE: Get the latest NFL odds & betting trends at Sports InsiderSaints vs. Colts odds for ‘Monday Night Football’Spread: Saints by 9Point total: 47.5Odds: Colts -115, Saints -105The line has been just short of double digits all week. The Saints are coming off a 2-point home loss in Week 14 to the 49ers. The Colts lost a road shootout to the Buccaneers by only 3 points.Saints vs. Colts all-time seriesThe Saints lead the series 8-5. They have that edge by winning three in a row. The last time the teams played in New Orleans, the Saints rolled to a 62-7 win on a Sunday night in 2011. The Saints beat the Colts in Super Bowl 44, 31-17.Three trends to know— 60 percent of spread bettors are siding with the Saints. 60 percent of moneyline bettors also like the Saints.— 68 percent of bettors like the game to go over the moderately high point total. The Colts have gone over in 8 of 13 games. The Saints have gone over in 7 of 13 games.— The Saints have failed to cover in three of their past five games. The Colts have pushed and failed to cover in their previous two games.Three things to watchNo Rankins or DavenportThe Saints usually have a stout front but now are playing without two key pieces in tackle Sheldon Rankins and end Marcus Davenport, who are both on season-ending injured reserve. That should help Brissett feel a little more comfortable, especially with end Cameron Jordan playing through an abdomen injury. Rankins’ absence in the middle on top of linebacker Kiko Alonso missing another game will help the Colts’ plan of power rushing a healthy Marlon Mack.Yes HiltonThe Colts are set to have wide receiver T.Y. Hilton give it a go and play for the first time since Week 12. He likely will step into a tough matchup against cornerback Marshon Lattimore, but they have missed his field-stretching ability to open up the running game for Mack and the short passing game for Brissett.Candid KamaraAlvin Kamara has had a weird season for the Saints. The running back has scored only two touchdowns all season, both coming in Week 3. He has yet to record either 100 yards rushing or 100 yards receiving in a game in 2019. He doesn’t seem to be the same explosive, decisive player after his midseason ankle injury. The Saints need to get him going before going into the playoffs. When the Saints (10-3) host the Colts (6-7) on “Monday Night Football” (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN), it will be one NFC team trying to improve its playoff standing while one AFC team tries to keep its slim playoff hopes alive.The Saints have some defensive injuries going into the game, while the Colts are getting a little healthier on offense. Indianapolis typically plays better at home, but has played unpredictable mostly close games everywhere this season.last_img read more

February 10

More sports in brief

first_imgJamaica win at World TT ChampsJamaica’s Table Tennis team got off to the perfect start at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships in Malawati Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Sunday, defeating Morrocco 3-0 in their Group P Division Four match.Jamaica’s team of Michael Hyatt, Mark Phillips and Kane Watson easily brushed aside the Morrocans. Hyatt dismissed his opponent 11-6, 11-4, 11-5 to get the team off to a great start. Watson followed that up with a 13-11, 11-5, 11-7 win in the second match and Phillips wrapped up the victory with a 11-4, 1-10, 11-4 win in the final match.Team Jamaica was out of action during yesterday’s (Monday’s) second round of matches, but will return to action against Laos Republic today (Tuesday).The Caribbean team is competing in Group P in Division Four with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Laos and Morrocco.Easy victory for Red ForcePORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC):Rahkeem Cornwall’s half-century was in vain as Leeward Islands Hurricanes went down to Trinidad and Tobago Red Force by nine wickets, on the final day of their eighth round contest here yesterday. Resuming the day in a dodgy position on 147 for five at the National Cricket Centre, Hurricanes rallied to 287 all out in their second innings, largely due to Cornwall’s bold 65. Orlando Peters stroked 39 while Jeremiah Louis hit a defiant unbeaten 32.Leg-spinner Imran Khan was the main wicket-taker with four for 80 and was supported by part-time off-spinner Narsingh Deonarine (2-44) and left-arm spinner Yannic Cariah (2-48).Set 107 for victory, Red Force wasted little time in racing to their target off 13.3 overs, with opener Evin Lewis smashing a quick-fire 56 off 41 deliveries, with nine fours and a six. He posted 97 for the first wicket with Barbadian Kyle Hope, who carved out an unbeaten 34 off 36 deliveries with four fours and a six.With the victory, Red Force picked up 18 points to move into third place in the standings on 74, while Hurricanes earned three points to remain bottom on 39.last_img read more