September 21

Black Ops Declassified can be completed in under an hour

first_imgNot many people expected Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified on the PS Vita to be much good, but no could have predicted how short the single-player campaign would actually turn out to be.According to a review by PocketGamer, the single player campaign can be completed in just 45 minutes, which is a shockingly short amount of time for a game that retails at $49.99. The campaign consists of ten missions and apparently they can be completed in three to four minutes each. That claim is backed up by other reviews, with GameInformer stating they completed it in only 42 minutes.It’s not unusual for a Call of Duty campaign to be short. The console and PC version single player gameplay lasts around six hours, but if Declassified can be finished in under an hour, it makes it one of the shortest retail games ever released. Fans will argue that Call of Duty is played for the multiplayer over anything else, which is true, but for the price you’re paying the single player should at least equal to that of other versions.Black Ops Declassified has got poor reviews across the board (the game’s Metacritic rating is 29), which isn’t good news for the Vita. If this first person shooter had turned out better, it could have really sold the handheld to gamers and COD fans in particular.I would not be surprised to see many copies of the game being returned on the day of purchase. If that happens, Activision will either have to accept Declassified isn’t going to make any kind of profit, or choose to rush out some DLC to extend the single-player experience. Whatever happens, expect to see the game in bargain bins or suspiciously missing from store shelves in the run up to Christmas.via VideoGamerlast_img read more